The Hidden GEM in OC-The Bruery


The Bruery!!!

The Bruery is a great place for beer lovers to have a gathering with friends or family. It is a boutique craft brewery located in Orange County, and  I would like to call it a hidden gem in Orange County; the reason why I called it a hidden gem is because its location. It is located all the way back of an industrial complex, and if you are paying enough attention, you should able to see one of their brewing tanks when you exit on S57-Orangethrope.

This place has over 30 beers on tap, and they also have a daily rotating food truck outside of the Brewery. The beer menu is listed from low intensity to high intensity, which is convenient for people to choose the level of intensity they would like to drink. If you are a first timer, I would recommend to get their beer flight and try five different types of beer at one time. The price is affordable. The small glass range from $1 to $3. I bought two rounds of flights and it only costed me around $20. They are also having canned food drive in November; people have to bring a can in order to purchase a special beer. Or you can donate $1 for charity instead of bringing in a can. I think this idea is great, people can drink and do charity at the same time. Their beers rotate regularly, so make sure you check out their website to see what they have available at the time before you hit the place.

Have fun

Have fun

It is always crowded here, especially during weekend. You can immediately experience the lively atmosphere when you walk into The Bruery. People are having a good time while they are drinking and socializing. They do not serve food, but they do sell snacks and give out free pretzel. You can see people are bringing food from the food truck, and the place is covered by the smell of beer and food.  They also provide tours for customers who are interested to in knowing more about their beer-making-process.

first round

Ready to Fly

My first flight:

  1. Hottenroth ABV: 3.1%
  2. Levuds ABV: 9.6%
  3. Autumn Maple ABV: 10%
  4. BBA smoking Wood ABV: 13.3%
  5. Ukulele ABV: 13.5%

My second flight:

  1. Mischief ABV: 8.5%
  2. Qude Tart 2015 ABV: 7.5%
  3. 8 Maids-A-Milking ABV: 11.3%
  4. Bottleworks XII 2013 ABV: 8%
  5. Melange #1 2013 ABV: 11%
Second Flight, Already Flying

Second Flight, Already Flying

The interesting thing is the ABV does not reflect the intensity of the beer; the intensity reflects the beers’ deepness and richness.

It was an amazing experience at The Bruery, and I will definitely visit here again. I love all those beers I have tried on that day, and my favorite one was the 8 Maid-A-Milking, it was an Imperial Milk Stout . I will definitely check their website next time before I go there; they often have limited beer or new release beer on specific days.

See ya next time

See ya next time

All pictures taken by Chadwick Lo


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