Rainy Day with beer

Most people like drinking beer while they are having food or snacks, but for me, I like to drink IPAs beer by itself and enjoy the moment between me and IPAS. If you are looking for a strong beer the Hangar 24 Double IPA might be a good choice for you.


Double IPA

The IPA became one of my favorites beer a few years ago when my friends asked if I wanted to try some beers that are not as cold as a regular beer we used to have. I can still recall the first time I tried the IPA. It was an unforgettable experience. It tasted so much different than a domestic beer; it tasted richer and with flavor. I fell in love with strong beer after I had my first taste of the IPA. The difference between IPA and Double IPA (also called as Imperial) is the IPA usually has approximately 7.5% ABV. The Double IPA contains approximately 10% ABV and comes with malty flavors.

I check the forecast on daily basis, and it says that this weekend is raining, so I decided to go grab an IPA beer and stay at home and watch the rain drops and write my blog at the same time. So I went to BEVMO and picked up a Hangar 24 Double IPA beer to enjoy my weekend with this beer, and put all the stress away.

The Hangar 24 Double IPA was first presented to celebrate American Craft Beer Week in 2010. It was definitely good news for those who love IPA beer. And because it is all brewed with local orange blossom honey, it became a favorite of Southern Californians. It received three awards between 2011 and 2012. According to hopandwine. The IPA was invented by the British during the colonization of India. The intention for the IPA was to help the troops to overcome the sea voyage.

The IPAs are different from the domestic beer or any other lager. It does not have to be served in ice cold temperature. According to craftandbeerrestaurant ,  its recommend temperature is around 50° – 55° F. Even serve it at room temperature is also suitable for stronger beers like the Hangar 24 Double IPA. It is always good to have an ice cold beer in the summer, but the cold temperature of the beer might affects your sense of taste to enjoy a true beer. In other words, beers which have rich flavored, and high alcohol volume are suggested to serve at room temperature, and beers which have less flavor and low alcohol volume are suggested to serve at cold temperature.

In my opinion I prefer stronger beer with malty sweetness and in low temperature than beer at low temperature that affects your sense of taste and you have no idea what you just drank except for coldness. If you have not tried an IPA beer, the Hangar 24 Double IPA may be worth a try. Cheers.



*All photos taken by Lo


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